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    Like Parents Homestay Melbourne

    The portal to loving and caring families.

    Melbourne homestay hosts and students make the best matches through our unique processes supported by a dedicated team in Melbourne. Please browse the website or contact us to find out more. 浏览墨尔本家庭寄宿中文网站.

  • Melbourne Homestay homestay students

    Our commitment to students

    Home Away From Home

    You know yourself best. So at Like Parents Melbourne Homestay, we help you to choose your new home in Melbourne before arrival, a host family that best suits you.

    Please read on to find out how we ensure best matches between you and homestay hosts.

  • Melbourne Homestay homestay parents

    Our Commitments to Parents

    Guide Like Parents

    As parents ourselves, we understand parents` expectations and concerns, and have tailor-made our homestay processes to meet these expectations, address these concerns and guide students like parents.

    Please read on to find out how we assure the safety of students. 用中文浏览网站

  • Melbourne Homestay homestay hosts

    Our Commitments to Host Families

    Ongoing Support

    Homestay hosts get ongoing support from our dedicated local team, all for free. Best matches and harmony are achieved through mutual selection and closing gaps in homestay expectations.

    Please read on to find out how we ensure hosts and students will enjoy the homestay experience.

  • Melbourne Homestay homestay institutions

    Our Commitments to Schools

    Assurance and Care

    We work with education providers and agents to maximize students` overall experience through compliant, insured, safe and pleasant homestay arrangements.

    Education providers and agents may login and get real-time homestay reports. Please contact us to find out more.

  • Melbourne Homestay homestay community

    Our Commitments to Community

    Positive Impact

    No matter you are a full-time mum or retiree, there are ways we can work together to guide students and make positive impact. We work closely with community leaders to provide ongoing support to homestay hosts and students. Many of the homestay families have strong faith and live by principles. Please contact us to find out more.

Our Services Why Choose Us


Homestay hosts and students find the best match after thorough communication and mutual choice.

All homestay families have been visited and verified to meet our standards before accepting homestay booking.

Homestay hosts and students are provided with ongoing support to ensure both parties will have pleasant experiences.

Transfer Services

We provide transfer services from and to airport, and between host families when students move. Gold student members are entitled to three free transfers.

Guardianship and Guidance

According to Australian laws, all international students below the age of 18 must have a guardian while staying in Australia. We and our homestay hosts can act as guardian for these students under 18.

At Like Parents Homestay, host parents are proud to guide youths to stay on the right path in additon to providing a safe home and nutritious meals.

Specialised Services for Chinese Students

While students from all backgrounds are welcome, we specialize in finding loving and caring homestay host families for students from China, the biggest source of international students in Australia.

Many of our team have experience living and working in China for a long time, understand Chinese and Australian culture, and can communicate with students in their native language to close gaps in expectations. We achieve host and student satisfaction by leveraging our deep understanding of culture, and decades of experience managing satisfaction and emerging issues.

Realistic Expectations and Best Matches

Our processes and tools help students to have realistic expectations about homestay. Students and homestay hosts make the best matches after communication and mutual selection.

Friendship and Mentorship

We work with community leaders to organize events and help students to make new friends and feel connected. Our homestay hosts stick to the highest ethical standards. Many have strong faith, and are well respected in the community.

Homestay Students: Free Untimed International Phone Calls

Homestay Hosts: Free 20 Million AUD Public Liability Insurance

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